Saturday, 30 September 2017

Cook Mee

I have eaten the last few times I walked past Cook Mee at Raffles Exchange, and reminded myself to try this another day. It is by the same people behind Wheat  at B1 of One Raffles Place and Raffles City Shopping Centre, known for its Japanese-inspired soba noodles, brown rice and salad. There were a few people when I visited for late dinner, and more continued to stream in after. Ordered its $9.90 Soupermen as the dry tossed ramen comes with a separate bowl of spicy or non-spicy double-boiled chicken- and pork-based soup. I can choose ingredients for my soup and my choice was prawns and white clams over diced salmon, mussels and shredded chicken as well as edamame, mushroom and tofu (other choices are beansprouts, broccoli, cabbage, corn kernel, kimchi, leek and seaweed). The springy ramen were topped with beansprouts, shredded cucumber, sous vide egg and sesame seeds. Could neither rave about the bland soup and white clams nor fault the succulent prawns and mushrooms.

Loved the fragrant sesame seeds but found the edamame a tad bitter and regretted tossing the ramen with the egg. Should have just eaten the egg as-is. Other items on the menu are $9.90 MuscleMen  hebi-hiam chilli or non-spicy dry tossed ramen with choice of char siew pork, roast beef, salmon sashimi and salted egg fried chicken. And $9.90 pork belly, roast beef, salmon poké or tuna poké with red or Furikake pearl rice bowls. Light bites after 5pm include $3 Japanese curry fishball, $4 Brazil crispy fried chicken, crispy fried tofu with spicy wasabi mayonnaise or dry shrimp paste, seafood or vegetables gyoza and salted egg fried chicken, $5 ramen pork belly or roast beef chopsticks and oriental marinated topshell (spicy). Beer, whiskey and sake are also available. For a hearty breakfast (8-10.30am), check out its $4.90 set of ramen soup with pork belly and sous vide egg or house sandwich of chicken or pork with 2 sous vide eggs. Both come with coffee or tea, and the latter retails at $3.50 from 3pm to 5pm.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Mid-Autumn 2017

It is the time of the year again, to visit Takashimaya Mooncake Festival. Loved Shangri-La Hotel's handcrafted silk boxes with pearl buttons as handles to pull open drawers of mooncakes, and Peony Jade's baked premium mother of pearl white lotus paste with melon seeds mooncake. New flavours from the latter include mini snowskin mango mousse, passion fruit and coconut as well as mini snowskin crème brûlée and blueberry cheese. Not only are Sze Chuan Court by Fairmont Singapore's snowskin and baked white lotus paste with single yolk and macadamia nuts mooncakes shaped like peaches, its boxes (except the premium mooncake box) is also shaped like a peach. Reminiscent of the spice trade along Singapore River in the 1800s, Summer Palace by Regent Singapore's mini- and regular-sized mooncakes are individually packed in round and square metal tins respectively inside a carry-and-go pine wood box. I liked its mini snowskin signature black sesame paste mooncake but found the baked white lotus paste mooncake a tad sweet.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Dutch Baby Café

Located at the basement of Paragon, Dutch Baby Café is opened by Japan Foods Holding who also owns Ajisen Ramen and Menya Musashi among other brands. Models of the food and drinks are displayed at its entrance, just like many Japanese restaurants and cafés such as Chabuton and SaintMarc Café. Recess in the wall reminiscent of red bricks, served as display shelves. Together with bench seats against wooden tables and chairs, the place exudes a homely feel. As its name suggests, Dutch Baby Cafe serves Dutch Baby pancakes made with eggs, flour, sugar and milk. Available as either sweet or savoury, they are served on hot cast iron pans straight out from the oven. According to its website, Dutch Baby pancakes originated from Germany and were reintroduced in the United States. The name was a result of the American owner's daughter pronouncing Deutsche as Dutch.

My order of Maple Grapefruit had succulent lemon chicken and crunchy lettuce accentuated by juicy grapefruit and orange  the former with a bitter aftertaste and the latter a tad sour, drizzled with sweet maple syrup. Loved the aroma of egg in the pancake and preferred its crispy sides to the bottom layer which was not pillow-soft as described. The place also offers fruit tarts from Fruit Paradise and omelette combo plates where you get fries and side salad with choice of rice or bread, scrambled egg or sunny side up, and pork cutlet or chicken steak or demi-glace hamburg. I visited on another weekend to try its pork cutlet omurice. Could neither rave about the not-too-oily-or-dry pork cutlet nor fault the perfectly-cooked rice and omelette. Except maybe that the rice should be inside the omelette.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Coffee Academics Revisited

We went Raffles City Shopping Centre over the weekend to have late lunch, and decided on the coffee specialty store from Hong Kong. Saw customers at the table beside me eating Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos, which looked delicious so I ordered that. Crunchy taco shells went well with the fish fillet topped with chipotle mayonnaise that was not too cloying. Taste was accentuated by the fresh mango salsa  both sweet and tart at the same time, and coriander leaves. While I could neither rave about the accompanying seasonal greens nor fault the crispy curly fries, they were perfect when interspersed between mouthfuls (or bites, if you prefer) of tacos. My dining companion, who has not tried The Coffee Academics before, went for the Academics Breakfast. A hard-to-go-wrong dish consisting of pork bockwurst sausage, Pio Tosini Prosciutto di Parma, homemade baked beans, roasted baby potatoes and choice of eggs served with toasted bread and seasonal garden greens.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Joyden Canton

Having heard rave reviews about Joyden Canton at HillV2, I was looking forward to my visit at its 2nd branch. Located on the 4th floor of Shaw House or Isetan Scotts, this is definitely more convenient for people who do not stay in the west. I was pleasantly surprised that only a few tables at the 140-seater restaurant were occupied for dinner on a weekend. Decided to order two appetisers instead of a main course as they were going for $5.20++ each, in celebration of our nation's birthday (terms and conditions apply for the promotion that is valid 'til 31 Aug). While I could neither rave about nor fault the pan-fried carrot cake with homemade XO sauce, the stuffed chicken wing with glutinous rice did not sit well with me. As both dishes were too salty for my liking and I struggled to finish the latter, decided to wash them down with sago & pomelo in mango puree. Do not expect chunks of mango. And consistency of the "puree" was thin like juice. It was a disappointing end to a barely-palatable meal.