Sunday, 3 December 2017


Located on the first floor of Tiong Bahru Plaza where Three Little Pigs used to be, Magosaburo is a Japanese Western Café not to be confused with the Japanese BBQ-turned-wagyu-dining restaurant of the same name (sometimes spelt as Magosaburou) on the 5th floor of Ion Orchard. Visited on a weekday for lunch and tried a few dishes. Scoop your spoon through its Salted Konbu and Truffle Chawanmushi to get a mix of ingredients in every mouth so none would be too salty. You have been warned. Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta was a tad spicy but good. Break apart the runny egg yolk and mix it with the al dente angel hair pasta  also known as capellini reminiscent of our local mee kia, if you prefer to eat your food with a little sauce or dressing. And could neither rave about nor fault the Sunny Breakfast.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Tokyo Sundubu

While Sundubu is a Korean tofu stew cooked with vegetables and meat or seafood, I first ate it at a Japanese restaurant that has since closed. The dish supposedly gained popularity after a Korean opened a sundubu restaurant in Los Angeles. There are two branches of Tokyo Sundubu, Japan's largest sundubu restaurant chain, in Singapore – Raffles City Shopping Centre and Suntec City's Eat @ Seven. Though my dining companions and I visited the former on weekdays (once for lunch and once for dinner), waited very long for our orders to arrive if our food was even served. We had Mushroom Sundubu, Kuro-Buta Sundubu, Kuro-Buta Mushroom Sundubu, Seafood Sundubu and Cheese Sundubu. Among us, we also tried different combinations of all its soup bases and levels of spiciness. I liked the salt and ginger soup base at level 1 as its taste was not overwhelmed by the miso and/or spice. Found the portion too small though, and its price a tad high.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Fat Cow

Chose to dine at Fat Cow, located on the 1st floor of Camden Medical Centre, during the recently-ended Singapore Restaurant Week (from 28 Oct to 4 Nov) as I have heard and read many positive reviews about this Japanese restaurant that specialises in Wagyu. Visited on a weekday for lunch and started with an appetiser. Could neither rave about the salad and miso soup nor fault the flavourful and silky smooth chawanmushi. There were two main courses  Fat Cow Donburi and Fat Foa-Gura Don. The former comprises slices of tender charcoal grilled wagyu beef, recommended to be done medium rare, which went well with the perfectly-cooked onsen egg and shredded leeks over rice. Loved the glazed melt-in-the-mouth foie gras in the latter and am not complaining about the not-too-tough wagyu cubes over rice. While both were delicious, they lacked the wow factor. Its dessert of honeycomb ice-cream also failed to impress.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Epicure – Three Michelin-starred Restaurant in Paris

This was my 1st time dining at a three Michelin-starred restaurant, since my dining companion and I ate at Joël Robuchon Restaurant before the inaugural edition of Michelin Guide Singapore. Other than making sure we reserved seats early enough, was also reminded to bring appropriate wear lest we are denied entry  was politely told Sophia's restaurant at The Charles Hotel, Munich was full when I was underdressed. Stepping into the luxurious Le Bristol hotel where the beautiful Epicure is located, we were ushered to the restaurant that has held its three Michelin stars since 2009. After offering to take my jacket (and remembering to return it to me as we were leaving), we were brought to our table overlooking an exquisite garden. Fret not if you do not understand French as the staff speak English, just like at Fischers Fritz and Seta. Their recommendations were good too and service impeccable.

Friday, 27 October 2017


It has been almost a year since the world's only Michelin-starred ramen restaurant, opened by chef-owner Yuki Onishi in 2012, arrived in Singapore. There is always a queue whenever I pass by Tsuta at Pacific Plaza and the only time when I do not see anyone waiting, it is closed. So imagine my delight to spy empty seats in the Japanese restaurant, located on the 1st floor, when I walked past on a weekday. Waited for my turn (there were a few people in front of me) and ordered a Ajitama Shio Soba, adding a Yuzu Wonton, from a big touchscreen. Chose original Japanese taste over less salt for the seafood and chicken broth mixed with Okinawa sea salt and Mongolian rock salt, and served with green olives pureed in truffle oil. The long straight thin noodles were cooked just right in a delicately flavourful broth that was a tad oily, with a subtle aroma and taste of truffle that did not overwhelm. Char Siu was tender and nicely seasoned while flavoured egg had runny yolk the way I liked it. I loved the wonton skin and yuzu so the filling of minced meat was not cloying.